Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yanked out of the closet

I'd like to preempt the people who are about to roll their eyes and say "gosh, Lesli, I wish I had your problems"; yes, I love my supportive family and friends and I'm very lucky to have the success I've had.

That said, my supportive family and friends are making me very nervous.

My father has a framed picture I did when I was eight. Both of my parents have always encouraged me to write. When I told them I had been published, they were overjoyed. The only problem is, I'm not sure I adequately prepared them for what I had written.

My writing, even when I'm not aiming for horror, has a tendency to go dark, weird, and morbid. In person I'm actually pretty happy and mellow. I think I get on well with people, and certainly my acquaintances think nothing letting me play with their children. I'm a little worried that won't survive a published work of fiction that involves murder, suicide, cannibalism, dismemberment, vivisection, torture, the undead, and/or witchcraft (I think I average about 2.3 of those per story, even in comedy). I'm worried that this sort of thing will upset or alienate the people who love me, or that they'll see themselves in some terrible thing I've written.

I know it's a problem a lot of horror writers have, and I imagine there are currents of the same in crime and romance fiction. I also know a lot of it is me getting myself too worked up.

I don't think my father has read my story yet. My mothers have, and they've been leaning on all of their friends to read it too. Nothing's gone terribly wrong yet, but there's a part of me that's still very clinched up about the possible fall out when people get a look at what I do with my spare time.

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