Thursday, June 2, 2011

100th Post Extravaganza

First off, I sold another reprint of Sweepers to the fabulous folk at Neon- A Literary Magazine! Do go check out their stuff, and buy from them if you're so inclined.

Also, after much doodling, I finally have a skull I like. I had hoped to have some serious coloring of it done and to be able to post it as a background for my hundredth post. I try not to make a great many excuses to you fine people, but I just recently started a new job where I've been pulling 11 hour shifts at minimum, so that hasn't come together quite as much as I'd hoped. Soon though.

On the writing front, for a given definition each of "story", "a day", and "May", I have completed the story a day in May challenge with 31 pieces of fiction, many of them flash, the last ones finished on June 1st. My plan for June is to go through my catalogue and edit to submission quality one story per day. (I have to admit, I don't think I'll actually achieve that goal, but just trying should put me well ahead of what I had done before.)

I've also passed my 100,000 words written or edited for the year. That puts me not entirely on schedule for 2011, but not terribly behind either, and it's a delightfully round and large number, like a sort of arbitrary milestone Rubens.

The ads have been working out well, I think. They're not terribly obnoxious, or even, I think, too grabby or tacky. My contract states that I may not tell you what I am earning per click, but I am allowed to accurately represent how much money I've made from the program. I've been on them for about two months and I could very likely pay for a fast food combo meal for both myself and a friend. Which, when you think about the fact that I was planning on doing this for no money at all, is a nice little perk.

I admit, when I started blogging, it was with a great deal of reluctance. I was digging my heels in and shouting about how I didn't wanna go. But now that I've been at it a bit, I really enjoy it. I've gotten to say a thing or two, I've attracted the notice of Mr. Tim Pratt, and when I want to say "hang on, I think I had a link to that somewhere!" I can always come back to the blog and click to it quickly, which is really just great for me in casual laptop-out conversation. I enjoy watching the blog stats, seeing where people are from, getting the occasional comment here and there.

I like it. I plan to keep on it.

Goodnight out there, internet, until we meet again.

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