Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shock Totem Holiday Special

God, this magazine never has a bad cover. Look at how gorgeous that is!

Shock Totem is putting out a holiday e-book special and you should buy it. You should buy it because Jack Freaking Ketchum is going to tell you a story about his Christmas. You should buy it because horror needs a holiday too. You should buy it because, hell, look at it! That's a switchblade snowflake and it's gorgeous.

Yes, absolutely, Skull Honey readers. Get out there and indulge in some holiday cheer. 


  1. Thanks, Ms. Wilder! =)

    And Jack shares a poem...which he wrote while stoned in 1969. Haha.

  2. Oh, and you failed to mention that you are also in this. Don't be so humble! Haha.

  3. I recognize a couple of other names in the contents. I bought work from them from Emerald Tales. You're in some great company. Congratulations. :)