Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Year in Blogging

Alright, retrospective time!

Aw, it looks like I missed the chance to point out my 200th post. This one should be number 206. I'm also approaching 5000 page views (thank you, Russian spybots!)

So... one of my favorite things in the world is raw data. Because I love it, I assume others must love it as well. I will also be providing some comments and analysis. And I guess a wish
list regarding the data set.

More or less steady upward growth in hits this year, except for a weird drop off in July. I guess there were only 12 posts in July, but there were only 13 in September and that got about 60% more hits. May, which only had 10 posts, was 40% higher.

What the heck, some math!
Hits per post:

January 16.40
February 15.58
March 16.18
April 19.59
May 38.70
June 24.61
July 24.67
August 27.50
September 38.69
October 30.12
November 34.07
December (not counting this post) 32.73

Overall views per post on the blog as a whole: 23.90

It's worth remembering that the hits for that month do not necessarily coincide with the posts put up during that month, as all hits on the past archives are also counted, so that may not be the best metric, but I was curious and there it is. It's funny to see July actually be slightly up from June in that count.

There's also some explanations for the high discrepencies. May was the month I went to World Horror Con and not only met a number of people but mentioned them on my blog. September saw both the Angry Black Woman link and the creation of Fwoorg, which was kind of a link site for authors from the same internet writing group, and both of those things directed traffic back this way. I also did my write up for Armadillocon on August 30th.

Speaking of which, most popular posts:

Sep 17, 2011, 8 comments
103 Pageviews
Aug 30, 2011
57 Pageviews
Sep 20, 2010
46 Pageviews
Jul 15, 2011, 4 comments
43 Pageviews
Nov 14, 2010, 1 comment
38 Pageviews
Sep 28, 2011, 8 comments
31 Pageviews
Jul 6, 2011
31 Pageviews
Dec 23, 2010
28 Pageviews
Apr 12, 2011, 1 comment
27 Pageviews
Nov 19, 2011, 1 comment
26 Pageviews

The Shameless Angry Black Woman thing came totally out of left field for me. It's really just a link back to an article, and not a recent one at that. It's not something I expected to be provocative or even occasion comment- it was just sort of a list of things one could do if one wanted to attract more minority writers to a publication.

The Armadillo Con Round Up got linked from outside my site, so that was cool.

The Multicultural writing makes me happy, but that's also the one on there with the most time to accrue views.

The Rape one is of course actually provocative.

The Siberian Fox one is amusing, because for a long time that was the thing with the most hits, at a point where I was still trying to talk mostly about writing and had just thrown that up as an aside. Where it proceeded to dominate the list for quite some time.

(Yes, I do realize those are tiny numbers in the grand scheme of things. I expect to look back and have interesting things to compare them to.)

I'm pleased a couple of those are actually written posts and not links. I'd say it seems to represent a pretty fair swath of what I actually put up. is a spam site. I would advise not clicking it. I don't read Russian, but appears to be a legitimate search engine. And of course is Jonathan Pembrook's site.

Search Keywords
skull honey
leslianne wilder
siberian silver fox
"saladin ahmed"
every who down in whoville
author statistics
day old baby rats
the stories come

This is terribly funny to me, because I don't think I've ever actually mentioned Saladin Ahmed on the site. I like his work, particularly "The Faithful Soldier, Prompted", but what this comes from is the fact that I tried to link to his blog in my little blogroll down there on the bottom right. I got a message back saying it couldn't locate the feed, so it never showed up, but since then I've been getting search hits for the poor guy.

I also suspect people are not looking for me when they type in Skull Honey. I hope they're at least enjoying the illustration.

Other recent search queries include "author statistics", "unicorn enluminures", "honey march", and "by Lee Thompson".

(And just to fuck with search engines a bit more: "sex with pandas", "rotator cuff injuries", "interstitial jelly", "Queen Beatrix/Angela Merkel femslash", "evangelical sex scandal", and "Justin Bieber makeout". Put that in your Google and smoke it, Internet.)

I've also gotten hits from Noway, Sweden, Argentina, Iraq, Estonia, Java, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, India, Australia.... honestly I wish Blogger would save and show them all to me. They always make me so happy.

Also at the risk of summoning them further without particularly good reason merely by uttering their names, I've gotten comments on the blog from Lee Thompson, Benjamin Rosenbaum, and Tim Pratt, all of whom I just adore.

So all in all I think it's been a good year. Hooray for blogging.