Saturday, January 7, 2012

Even More Podcasts

Fantasy Magazine, like it's sci-fi sibling Lightspeed has a podcast. They have a tendency toward accents and over-enunciation but the stories are really fabulous.

Dark Fiction Magazine is aggressively british, but that's fun. I wouldn't call most of these horror, though there are some straight up horror stories. Mostly they're just dark. My favorite ones so far have been their cyberpunk-ish offerings. They've even got a Christmas dark fiction special. Go and enjoy!

Cast of Wonders is a Young Adult genre podcast from the same fellas who brought you Cast Macabre, so you know it's groovy. It's generally pretty light fare, but that's not necessarily a problem. I've also been looking into Clone Pod which is Young Adult genre as well, though I've only listened to a few of those and don't have a lot to make a report on yet.

Hooting Yard on the Air! Jimminy Christmas, there's nothing I can type here that will encompass what Hooting Yard on the Air is. I love this podcast to death. It's not what you would call polished in the way, for example, drabblecast is. It's recordings of a live radio show that includes speculation that Julian Assange is some chromatic version of goblin, some of the most joyfully, whimsically evil prose in the world, and of course, the entire history of jiggery-pokery from ancient times until yesterday morning. It's very surreal. I love it.

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  1. Having listened to a bit more of Clone Pod, I'm convinced it's not so much Young Adult genre as simply hosted by young people.