Friday, January 4, 2013

Trespass, an Anthology!

I have officially become an editor as well.

So here's what happened:

A few years back I signed up for a writing site with most of those associates you see over there on the right of the blog. In those days few if any of us were published, but we helped each other out as best we could.

So fast forward a bit, and now all of us are published, and some of us recollected in best ofs and the like. In order to continue helping each other out, we got together and bundled several of our previously published stories. Our hope is that as we make further sales, anyone who goes looking for one of us will find all of us, and hopefully fall in love with the people they hadn't seen before.

The anthology's only 99 cents- perfect try-it-out price. Don't be shy. Go pick one up for your e-book device. 

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