Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I clicked through to Nation Master from a gun argument thing, which cited some statistics from it in a kind of selective way. But holy cow, man, there's so much here. Crime, economy, environment, demographics. Rate of McDonalds per capita. It's a numbers paradise (also worth mentioning the numbers are pretty raw- like for country variable rape statistics, for example, Sweden is one of the highest ranked rape places, not because more rape goes on, per se, but because more things are classified as rape by law and enforcement actually files rape charges instead of telling victims to go home and think about whether or not they really want to ruin a nice boy's life and try not to be such an easy lay in the future. Also, when comparing countries of vastly different sizes, you often get either per capita data OR raw numbers, but don't always get both.) Mousing over categories will get you expanded definitions and citations.

This is going to be a black hole of my time for a bit.  

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