Friday, October 4, 2013

Denmark Doesn't Want to Bang You

Apparently, Pick Up Artistry (or PUA, if you're into douchey acronyms) doesn't work in places without widespread financial insecurity and vast gender inequality. Go figure.


  1. This article really is an eye opener in terms of explaining why so many politicians and pundits (and insecure guys in general) here hate the idea of making our society more egalitarian and less fear based. It would make it harder for them to get laid via these kinds of strategies. And in a more generalized sense, people of both genders would be harder to take advantage of in other ways as well.

  2. Eh, I'll be honest, I don't think that's actually true. Like, take reproductive care. I don't think any of these dudes are actually out there going "if a woman can make the choice not to get pregnant, especially as a teenager, she'll have a better chance to earn more money, get more education, chose her career and lifestyle, and be less dependent on a man, leading to greater actualization for her and less sex for us."

    I think more of what's going on is people who see the fear and punishment as the foundation of moral good. I've certainly seen people who respond to the idea of birth control with "but sex should have consequences!"

    It's easy to assume that the people who want the political opposite of what one wants oneself also want some kind of weird inverse of the goal one is trying to achieve. (With the birth control example, there aren't actually many conservatives out there going YES! Teen pregnancy! Awesome! That's just what I wanted! Rather there's a mutually exclusive goal tied up in parental authority and religious/traditional ideas about purity, you know?)