Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goodkind Parody Blog

I usually don't encourage open mocking of anybody, but I kind of figure if you make public statements about how the rest of the science fiction/fantasy community is driving away readers with their cynical, one-dimensional moral decrepitude, you've sort of earned it.

Enter Sandstorm Reviews' Terry Goodkind Parodies.

They provide a helpful summary of some events in the sword of truth series and links to relevant quotes, as well as Goodkindian send-ups of other famous fantasy works.

For what it's worth, I don't actually have anything seriously against Mr. Goodkind or people who enjoy his works. I've had a lot of friends who loved them. I ended up putting them down pretty quickly. They weren't my cup of tea- I felt like I was being handed down interpretations of characters (eg. wise and surprisingly a wizard, or charismatic secretly evil demagogue) that didn't at all line up with my observations of them, and I found it off-putting. But they're best sellers with a lot of dedicated fans, so your mileage may vary.

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  1. The moral rigidity and propensity to blab are easily forgivable if the writing is good enough.

    The arrogance and assault on anyone who demurs to love their work is a turn off. Stephanie Meyer and Christopher Paolini seem to have the same affliction.

    I regarded Goodkind's work as very average and never made it through the first book. Not that it was bad but just read like something I've read many times before. And I'm one who loves heroic fantasy epics.

    And by the way, the various parody mash-ups are hilarious.