Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hey! Did you know Peter S. Beagle and Joe R. Landsdale collaborated on an anthology?

Neither did I!

I went ahead and bought this, because Beagle and Landsdale represent the opposite poles of why I love fantasy. Beagle has this weird, beautiful, gossamer, cerebral writing that's full of language play and allusions to the kind of nerdy obscurities that make me happy to have spend as much time locked away in libraries as I did as a kid. And Landsdale. Man. Nothing is sacred, nothing is too horrible, nothing is too strange. I got to see Landsdale read live once, and there was a passage about broken teeth that still sticks with me. Zombie brothels where the underaged dead have chickenwire masks around their clacking teeth and oceans boiled away so that legged whales drag themselves through the mud in a dead world. And Bubba Hotep. He also wrote that.

Like I said. I went ahead and bought it because how could these two working together be anything but good?

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