Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Podcast Linkspam:

I may or may not have mentioned how much I love podcasts. I listen to them on walks and while driving, and they've been great for introducing me to authors and stories I might not have otherwise gotten a hold of. So here are the podcasts I've previously mentioned:

Escape Pod - science fiction
Pseudopod - horror
Podcastle- fantasy
Drabblecast- weird short fiction
Clarkesworld- science fiction/fantasy
Beneath Ceaseless Skies- fantasy adventure
Tor.com- fantasy, seems defunct now
The New Yorker- literary fiction with commentary
Bound Off- literary
Cast Macabre- dark, on hiatus
Lightspeed Magazine- science fiction and fantasy (now incorporates what was Fantasy Magazine)
Dark Fiction Magazine- dark, british
Cast of Wonders- young adult, fantasy
Hooting Yard on The Air-  All Frank Key all the Time.

Writing Excuses- fifteen minute topic specific advice
I Should Be Writing- inspiration, interviews, feedback, market analysis. The Good Cop/Bad Cop is a personal favorite.

And here's the recent stuff:

Toasted Cake- Tina Connaly's flash fiction podcast extravaganza. The stories here are short and pretty groovy.

Flash Fiction Online- all kinds of stories. My favorite so far is The Materialist.

Dread Central Station Dreadtime Stories- Remember when you were like ten and you stayed up to watch Tales from the Crypt with all its silliness and spooky voices, and just the fun of a really high schlock horror story? That's what Dreadtime Stories podcast is. It's really closer to radio play than read stories, with full foley, and crypt keeper level humor intros and outros.

Locus Roundtable- Okay, there are some issues with the sound on this one, but it's some really interesting interviews and discussions about writing, myth, and all sorts of fun stuff. This podcast goes academic at the drop of a hat, but I've been having fun with it. It's put on by Locus Magazine.

Stuff You Should Know- From How Stuff Works.Com. Not actually related to craft in any way, but it's one of my favorite things in the world. Josh and Chuck explain the functional principles behind all sorts of things from lightning, to iridescence, to synesthesia, to marijuana grow houses. Huge back archive, loveable hosts, and a lot of nice, introductory level insight into a wide range of topics. It's a gold mine for story topics.

Generally I keep about 100 of these little episodes on my mp3 player. I'll just load up all the ones of the above podcasts that have come out since the last time, plus five to fifteen of the episodes from shows I'm still catching up on (for example, I'm not all the way caught up on Pseudopod or Stuff You Should Know). How long it takes me to get through can vary, but I think I've finally hit the tipping point where I'm listening to enough podcasts that trying to catch them all is actually causing me to slowly fall behind. That's perfectly alright, though, it's a good problem to have.

Also, if anybody has any recommendations for great podcasts not on the list, I'm always open. 

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