Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here Are Some Reasons I Am Incredibly Happy Feminism Happened

  1. Because I can earn enough to support myself, I do not have to have sex with someone I may or may not care about at all in order to access his money.
  2. I don't have to lie to people about what my name is (or more specifically what my sex is) in order for the work of my hands or mind to be considered valuable. 
  3. If I am sexually assaulted and attempt to report it to the authorities, they are legally obligated not to dismiss me out of hand.
  4. I can wear all the pink I want, but I don't have to.
  5. If my husband beats me or decides to piss away all the money I make, I can leave him and look for someone better.
  6. I will never have to look into my daughter's eyes and tell her the dreams she has are stupid, because they're things girls simply aren't allowed to do.
  7. I love feminist men.
  8. Because I can and do vote, politicians disregard my interests at their peril. 
  9. Physical violence against me is not considered anybody's god-given right.
  10. I can say no. Or I can say yes. And both of those are okay, because I have a say in these things.
  11. Tina Fey.
  12. Pants with pockets and sensible flat shoes. Jesus, I love sensible flat shoes. Really, any clothes where the maker has prioritized my comfort and the clothes' function over how the outfit will make my breasts and ass look to observers.
  13. Having a vocabulary and an intellectual framework to talk about things that have bothered me about my interactions with people, and the presentation of truisms by the culture at large. 
  14. My "virtue" isn't such a big deal that people are constantly policing my behavior, limiting the places I can go or go alone, or preventing me from having good friends who are men.
  15. If I am actually smarter or stronger than a given man, I'm not obligated to pretend I'm not to protect his ego at the expense of mine. 
  16. I have permission to make my own happiness a priority, so long as I don't go out of my way to hurt others.
  17. Birth control. Oh, man, birth control is the most awesome thing ever. 
  18. No one laughs at me for coming to university seminars, or tries to insist that there's no way I could possibly comprehend them.
  19. I am able to find stories, books, and music that don't make me feel like I could never be a main character in the story of my own life.
  20. My chances of being raped or beaten by a domestic partner, writ large, are only about 25%, which is pretty historically unprecedented. 
  21. As much as people do still expect stereotypical behavior from me, I am almost never punished for deviating from it. 

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