Sunday, June 1, 2014

Unburied Treasures!

Lydia Kurnia and Erika Wilson have put together a fantastic anthology of stories from myself and several other long time writer friends. It's $2 on Amazon, and it can be yours right now!

Aside from the stories inside from Daniel Ausema, Barbara A Barnett, Nyki Blatchly, Lindsey Duncan, Indigo Dylis, Jonathan Pembroke, Erika Wilson, Lydia Kurnia, and myself, I want to draw your attention to this fantastic cover, which is the fine work of Lydia Kurnia and Armando Barnaba, and contains references and nods to every single story in the book. Seriously, if you're looking here and thinking "hey, I could really use a cover for my next book or magazine" go talk to these people. They're amazing. 

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