Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Blogging

I have been told by numerous people in the field as well as by trusted friends that as more of the onus to promote fiction falls on the writers, a blog becomes an absolute necessity.

So I made a blog.

Then I had to sit down and do some serious thinking about what it was I intended to blog about. Presumably this will be a way that people can reach me if they find something of mine they like (leslianne.wilder, and another handhold I can give them toward remembering my name (Leslianne Wilder) if something I've done sparks they're curiosity- though the latter only works if I fill the space with something worthwhile to them. If this blog does what it's supposed to, it may be the lasting impression I give to numerous people with whom I hope to work in the future.

Which means I also want to be very professional with what I say here.

So my blog, by this metric, needs to be both honest and inoffensive, personal and professional, unique without being exclusionary, and good enough to keep my name in the minds of people who might like to buy the next great story I write- the one that makes all my previous stories look like amateur scribbles on the bathroom wall, but will sit in dusty, living-Emily-Dickens-like obscurity unless someone takes a chance on it.

And I need to do all this without taking time or effort away from the actual writing I do, because I can market a really attractively wrapped box till my throat is hoarse enough to fall out, but that doesn't make anyone less upset that it's empty.

So here's my plan as it stands: at least one blog a week on one or more of the following topics:
  • Reading recommendations and authors I personally admire
  • Publications you may not know about yet
  • My experiences writing fiction and any insights I feel comfortable advocating
  • My experiences trying to sell fiction
  • My experiences with actual publishing
  • My calmly expressed observations and opinions on trends, themes, and movements within published fiction.
I resolve not to use this space as my personal soap box to complain about things that bother me. I will not whine into the void. I want this to be a useful place even for people who I disagree with, and I want to succeed in the writing world not just by being a good writer, but by being a good person.

Thanks for sticking with me while I thought through that in text form.

~Leslianne Wilder

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