Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Excuses

I tend to adhere, as do many writers, to the philosophy that writing is like a muscle- it requires continuous daily exercise to grow as strong as possible, and will atrophy with disuse. I think studying and taking in worthwhile works in the interim can help, but the process of writing benefits by writing regularly.

That said, I've not been doing so.

There have been various perfectly good reasons: funerals, recovering from surgery, being out of the country, starting a new and unexpectedly demanding career training. There have also been fairly weak excuses: being tired, not being sure what I want to write, having work (I currently have a pretty undemanding job), being sure I'll get to it later (see excuse number one), unpacking and cleaning that wasn't important to me until I needed to procrastinate, gearing myself up for national novel writing month.

I get accused of being too down on myself, but even at my gentlest, I think I've had a pretty appalling lack of discipline recently.

So what I need to do is work out how to best manage my priorities. My schooling is going to have to come first, and work comes second out of the necessity of it being done so that I can continue having a place to live, and my third priority needs to be setting aside time when I have the energy and mental freshness to put out a good thousand words a day.

I think the first thing I need to do is manage my sleep schedule better (I work nights and drift toward vampirism if left to my own devices), and make sure I have a morning routine that provides a reliable framework for time to write.

In short, if I'm serious about this, and I like to think I am, I need to start getting up earlier and stop making excuses.

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