Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Part Two

I'm going to be perfectly honest, I have fallen behind in national novel writing month. I principally blame a lack of discipline on my part, but if I'm going to suffer to let myself make excuses, I've also been very busy with school.

Here nearing the halfway point, I've come to a couple of conclusions.

I managed novel writing much better when I had a detailed outline and a clear picture of the tone I wanted for the work. While I think some good things have come of my ineffectual puttering about, I've stalled myself out on questions like "what is the central conflict actually?" "Do I want this murder to be the central focus or more of a macguffin?" "Who are my characters and what motivates them?"

Even when I had an outline I'd tend to go off script when the inspiration struck, but I always knew where I was going, and I rarely just stared at the empty page and felt lost.

I've also been going to the live meets, and that's just amazing. I tend to be a bit on the shy side about my writing (which I know is a stretch from someone who blogs about writing, but I've written some genuinely terrible things, as I believe I mentioned, not in terms of quality, but in terms of blood, gore, and random horror). Even with good friends I often don't talk about it unless directly cornered. Because what would I say, really? "I wrote a space abortion story I'm really proud of, want to read it?" I'm getting better about this, and actively trying to let people know what I'm doing and what I think, but there's always that initial reluctance.

Except at these writer's meetings. I got into this room full of women who shared an enthusiasm for the same thing as me and suddenly, bam, just like that, no awkwardness, no fear, and we were talking just like old friends.

Even if the novel's a total wash (I don't think it is, in fact I'm sure I can catch back up), it would still be worth it if I can keep in touch with a few of these folk.

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  1. Real people aren't so scary!

    Space abortion story? Wow. I wanna read it. :)

    Good luck with NaNo!