Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Non-Exclusive Reprint Rights

So from my fabulous friend Barbara A. Barnett (plug!) I learned about a neat little project called "Anthology Builder". Folk with an interest in short fiction both contemporary and classic can take it upon themselves to select up to 350 pages of reprint and public domain fiction, nonfiction, essays, and illustrations and make it into a $15 (plus shipping) anthology of their own creation. I think it sounds like a great gift idea, and while the pay an author gets for submitting their story isn't exactly top notch, it's pretty comparable with a lot of the other small run anthology markets.

There are some great names in the stacks, with public domain stuff by Poe, Wilde, and Doyle, and some solid contenders like Eugie Foster and Cat Rambo in the more recent.

Anyway, check it out, it seems like a cool deal.

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