Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Podcasts!

Yet more podcasts. I've been listening quite a bit in the literary genre of late, and it's been quite lovely.

The New Yorker is doing a really lovely setup where one of their current authors gets to pick a story from across the prodigious whole of the New Yorker archives and read it aloud. So far my favorites have been "The Swimmer" by John Cheever and "My Russian Education" by Vladimir Nabokov (those who know me well know how much I adore Nabokov in general, and it's a nice story- autobiography presented as fiction).

Bound Off appears to be pretty much the Escape Pod of literary fiction. They have a very sizable back archive. My favorites so far have been "U-Boat", "The Cutting of Carrots", and the one whose name I can't remember where the guy shoots his dog in the head, which doesn't help anyone find it, but damn it was a well-written story.

Back into genre, I love the bejeezus out of Cast Macabre, which doesn't have that long of a back archive yet, but has a very solid selection of stories, including what I think is probably my favorite necrophilia story so far.

Lightspeed Magazine is another top notch science fiction magazine that's podcasting stories from its archives. There's beautiful, magical stuff in there, by some staggering names. Get in there and have a good time!

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