Saturday, October 29, 2011


Gender points made elegantly and adorably by one-to-one substitution. 


  1. And what gender points would those be? Please enlighten this Cro-Magnon.

  2. Well, to be fair, "pin ups are ridiculous and objectifying/demeaning to the women in them" isn't exactly stop the presses news. I don't necessarily want to speak for the artist, but the main thing I get out of the series is kind of a tweak at the tendency that's so pervasive it often goes unremarked upon if not completely unnoticed to code male sexuality as powerful, confident, assertive, and dominant, and female sexuality as passive, coy, powerless, and often ultimately not for their own pleasure but for that of their audience.

    I suppose one could, if one so wished, make the argument that that's how the genders actually work, and the natural outcome of very basic genetic programming, but, frankly, that's not really been my experience. My experience has, however, been that people have expected this of me, and gotten freaked out when I don't want to be coy, or submissive, or the non-initiating partner. I know we probably don't completely agree on this, but I've found the whole rigid gender role thing to be obnoxious and discouraging at best, and something people often take as unimpeachable fact, sometimes even on a subconscious level, which is the hardest to come up against because people often don't believe that they do believe these things.

    You know, until they're confronted with something that jars the unconscious paradigm.

    If that makes any sense?

  3. Yes, it makes sense. I, however, have a different view on the subject (yes, I am certain you are shocked).

    Next week. I owe you and Lion my diatribe on gender relations anyway.

  4. It's not like I feel like the traditional gender paradigm should not be one of your options. I think there's a lot of people it works quite well for. And I'll totally grant you that it's broken down a good deal and a number of folk on my side do overstate the saturation and inescapable nature of it. Really, pretty much the ONLY time I run into serious setbacks from gender stuff is when I try to date, and even so I've found a number of men who are fun and smart and more in line with my way of thinking about things. It hasn't stuck yet, but I'm still friends with some of them.

    It does get awfully discouraging to have a large percentage of the dating advice I get boil down to things like "wear more makeup and talk less" and "for god's sake don't let him have sex with you until after he's spent a whole lot of money on you or else he'll think you're a whore", and to have guys freak out and feel all emasculated if I open the door for them or try to carry my own junk.

    Yeah, ideally I think it would be better if we interacted more with each other as individuals and less with some sort of platonic ideal of who we're supposed to be.