Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh, HELL Yes!

My friend Sylvia Hiven talks sometimes about dream markets: the places you hope your fiction ends up because of the prestige (even if it's just among a subgroup) or how much you think it would be a perfect fit. One of those markets for me is The Drabblecast, which just bought my story "Wendigo Bakesale". Which, just... I really don't have a lot of words I'm comfortable putting on a searchable blog that adequately convey my elation. This is the Drabblecast! The house that Norm built. In large part the reason I did not go onto a psychotic shooting spree when I had a job where I had to drive five hours a day. The same guys who ran "Rangifer Volans" and "Mongoose" and have bbardles and a sound effect for a rapidly liquifying cat.

When you love somebody this much, there's just nothing more gratifying than knowing they like you back.


  1. Congrats! Great market, one of my favorites too!

    How long did it take Norm to get a response back to you? He's had one of my stories for .... well, some time.

  2. Man, how much fun would it be to be publication buddies? Especially if we both managed to get into a trifecta (though I know short short isn't your thing as much as mine)! Dan was on Drabblecast too, way back in the early days.

    My submission was 43 days, though I'm not sure how much I'd use that as a guidepost. Matthew Bey (editor at large) was one of my leaders when we workshopped the story at Armadillocon, and when I mentioned how much I loved Drabblecast he said he thought the it might fit well and if I wanted to I could e-mail my revision directly to him, so that's not quite the standard.

  3. I am sorry. I would say congratulations, but I just died from jealousy.

    WTG, Lesli! :) :) :)