Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Retronaut and More!

In addition to having one of the most fabulous names imaginable, Retronaut is a really cool archive of images and curios from the past- people presenting themselves and their world as they saw it way back when. The tourist bureau for the foreign country of the past.

And while we're looking back, check out US History Minus the White Guys. I know some of you are rolling your eyes about that, but it's got all sorts of fun stuff on it like dispatches from Queen Lili'ukolani, Kate Warne the lady detective, and Matthew Henson, who was on the first trip to the North Pole. (For those of y'all reading this and grousing about the deliberate exclusion of only white men from this history blog, please consider it a supplement to the history available in public schools, which because of lack of time and resources, often confine their materials to dealing principally with the actions of white men in offices of power).

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