Tuesday, October 30, 2012

National Novel Writing Month Again

That's right, two more days.

I'm cheating this year. One of my previous years' novels needs a complete rewrite from the ground up before it's viable, so rather than start something wholy new, I'm just going to do that. Some of the things I need to do urgently, in the next two days are: get rid of every single placeholder name, of which there were like twelve, including "Expendable", whose story ends unsurprisingly; work out some of the peripheral worldbuilding so that I have a wide range of groups to draw characters from- the story is second world, but it's set in a city that I want to have a cosmopolitan feel, and that means multiple ethnicities and naming conventions.

Honestly, despite the fact that I know where this is going, that I've done a revision outline, that I'm infinitely more prepared this time around, that I'm a better writer than I was last time I tried this, I still feel really intimidated by this thing. I don't know how people go into long form with this crazy excitement. I think that probably has something to do with the fact that I deeply enjoy reading short stories.

But, you know, if I ever want to make a significant amount of money writing, a novel is the thing to do.

(Honestly, if I ever want to make a living as a writer, the thing to do is a series of novels in which the main character has a lot of unrequited sexual tension with at least two other parties. And ideally at least one of them is a vampire. And then they all have complicated sex starting three books in. Which sounds like it could conceivably be fun, but the problem is if I write that and enjoy it less than I would some "loftier" thing, there's still a chance that it won't sell worth a damn and I'll just have five books of vampire sex I can't unload onto anyone. And who wants that?)

Sorry, that got a bit rambly.

Anyway, off to make a list of names. 

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