Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ex-Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Laurie Penny talks about expectations and performance. For the ladies.

Also, happy Fourth of July!


  1. Ah, this is that 'Holly-Go-Lightly' phenomenon you mentioned once. Interesting to have it deconstructed by someone with an inside perspective. I'm off-put by her tales of only getting attention from men who aren't 'intimidated' by her, or lying about writing fashion articles rather than politics. That's just demeaning to all concerned. If she finds it so difficult and unrewarding to be honest, why should she expect better from anyone else?

  2. Eh, I have to admit I took the lying about articles as an experiment rather than a strategy, and the larger article to be about the personal value of being honest, despite there being a pre-written story many people expect you to tell.