Friday, March 16, 2012

Body Type, Clothing, Beauty, and Posing

I feel like I actually bang this drum quite a bit, possibly to the point where I'm annoying, but damnit, I really like comics, and the constant soft-core porn drawing of female characters bugs me. So this is a pretty good run down of the problem, with pictures.


  1. That's an interesting article. The pictures really drive the point home when they're put together like that.

    Out of curiosity, I got out one of my books, "how to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" by Stan Lee and John Buscema to see if they're advising or teaching budding comic book artists to draw women that way. The copyright date is 1978.

    They don't specifically discuss clothing women. In their examples of how to draw the male figure and female figure, the figures are wearing the same clothes eg top and shorts. What they say about the female figure is: "Obviously, we do not emphasize muscles on a female. Though we assume she's not a weakling, a woman is drawn to look smooth and soft as opposed to the muscular, angular rendition of a man." The example figure does look athletic. I don't have a problem with this as it does reflect reality. If you compare male and female gymnasts or figure skaters, then you will note that the muscles in men are more defined than those in women, and they have the same level of muscle development.

    Anway, the current group of comic book artists need to stop portraying women as porn stars. Fighting in fishnet tights with your boobs falling out of your top just isn't practical. The fishnets snag on things. The boobs nearly knock you out when they whap you in the face.

  2. Yeah, this all starts to go really wonky around the time Image Comics makes a big splash, back in the 90s. I mean, you always had wonder woman and Storm running around in teeny tiny swim suits, but before that both men and women were drawn a lot more naturally.