Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mo Gender Mo Problems

I worry a bit that I have a confirmation bias toward the findings of this study, but what can you do? 

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  1. Interesting article. It certainly makes sense. The hallmark of humanity is that social evolution seems to outstrip and eventually trump biological evolution, such that it is. It may be that flexibility is the trait that's been selected for most strongly in our species.

    One thing that may predict the future of gender relations is the fact that women are now seeking college educations in much higher numbers than men, at least here in the states. Since post-secondary education is so strongly correlated with economic success and status, will we eventually evolve into a society where women routinely rely on networks of female kin to help them raise children and choose to mate with men based on their being "pretty" and performing nice courtship dances? Or maybe women will choose mates who will be better childcare providers? Might make a good sci fi story ;)