Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Last Free Days of Duotrope

If you haven't heard yet, Duotrope.com, which has been an exceptional free service for writers, is moving to a paid subscription model, which is a shame. I've donated for a couple years now, and urged people to donate when they could, because, frankly, it's not a service these people could do indefinitely for free.

A bunch of people have been expressing concern about how $50 a year is an unthinkable number for them to pay, and I would be sliiiiightly more sympathetic if I hadn't seen some of the same people drooling over $300 clothing items, or talking about how they love their morning Starbucks.

I'd rather give duotrope $25 a year instead of $50, but I really like duotrope. We did all have the chance to pay less per year for the last seven years, but most of us didn't take it because free was an option.

Honestly, I'd like for free to still be an option for people who have trouble paying for it. I think it would be lovely if we all got together and kicked in like five bucks each toward buying duotrope submissions for people who legitimately couldn't afford them. How nice a thing would that be? We should all do that- buy somebody duotrope for christmas.


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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. Disappointing but understandable.