Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fanfiction Extravaganza!

Everyone who actually reads this blog probably already knows, but Amazon announced it's going to be paying for fanfiction- or rather, it's going to extend some licenses to an open call for submissions of in-universe stories. They've explicitly stated no porn, no crossovers, and no "poor customer experiences".

Given that 50 Shades of Gray is selling like bibles full of chocolate-flavored heroin, I guess that's not surprising, but I'm curious what you guys out on the web think of all this?


  1. Chuck Wendig, as usual, provides colorful and thoughtful commentary here:

  2. Do they have the permission of the authors for whom they are doing this? Will there be any royalties paid to the creators of the universes/characters? I remember an author blog where the author stated that she would not approve any fan fiction set in her universe, because her attorneys had advised her that it was possible to actually lose the rights to your own creations if you sanction fan fiction. So not all fiction writers sanction fan fiction, certainly. I have no idea what the folks at Paramount, Vivendi, Lucasfilms, Sony, Disney and other such companies officially feel about the reams of fan fiction stories set in the worlds of their movies and games.

  3. The press release says property owners will get 35% of sales (it doesn't specify the original creators, but it looks like most of these things are TV series (possibly? I don't know the properties) so derivative rights are probably owned by the company rather than an individual author.)