Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gendered Book Covers

I have to admit, Game of Thrones was my favorite here. 

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  1. I just ran across those the other day too. Cracked me up, and I loved the "cute" wolf and dragon and the waiflike, childlike Danys and Jon (I assume the little boy with the sword was supposed to be Jon). Makes it look more like a YA book, actually.

    One of my great fears is that if my novel hits the jackpot and gets published, it will end up with a cover with my protagonists locked in a passionate embrace (pumping the female romantic fantasy audience) with lots of cleavage and bare chest action, or with my male protagonist standing protectively in front of the female one, pecs bulging (pumping the all fantasy end of things). Ew. I want my story to appeal to both sexes.

    I guess I have to worry about that getting published thing first, though.