Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outside the Norm

So, I get spambots. That's just a thing that happens. Or rather, I get referral spam- in which what is possibly a robot, and is possibly just some guy in Indonesia click to my site through a link posted on some other website, in the hopes that I will see it and click back through. Sometimes they're from "I hate Obama" sites, sometimes they're from places that would like me to pirate free movies. In this case they're from a straight up porn server. 

Today people did this over two thousand times.

I get that a reasonable percentage of views on this site are going to be robots; it makes me sad, but that's just the sort of thing one learns to deal with. I get that I'm not going to be able to have completely accurate statistics to look at. I can live with the crushing ego blow that I probably don't have hundreds of people in Russia who have looked me up by name. But seriously, out there. Two thousand hits?

Nobody's got time for that. 

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