Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Subtle Tongue Variations of North America


  1. Neat map, though a bit confusing. I grew up in Southern CA, but have lived in Northern CA (Sacramento area) most of my life (with a few years spent in Colorado and Northern NY), but for me on, Don and Dawn have always rhymed. They have for most of the people I've known as well (though a friend from Long Island drawls the aw sound in dawn daawwwn). Most people I I've known pronounce pin and pen differently.

  2. Yeah, Don and Dawn are pretty much indistinguishable from me, as are pen and pin. I've gotten much more aware of my accent now that I'm living with someone who has a radically different one (two words indistinguishable in his accent are "pawn" and "porn", because he has a very ambivalent relationship with the letter R).

    But yeah. I love dense, complicated infographics.

  3. Me too. Thanks for sharing it.

    My husband (Doug) has a story about speaking with a colleague who came from someplace in the south-central east coast. The guy was talking about sailing, and kept saying it was a bad idea to sail in the Chesapeake bay without having all your "shots."

    To which my husband kept saying, "Wow, it's that polluted? I had no idea."

    General mutual incomprehension followed until Doug finally realized that the man was actually saying you shouldn't sail in the Chesapeake bay without having all your "charts."